Royal Bank of Canada increases dividend by 2,9%

Royal Bank of Canada announced this week to increas the dividend from C$1,05 to C$1,08. This is an increase of 2,9%. Royal Bank of Canada is increasing their dividend twice per year to the dividend is now up 5,9% with previous year.

As a result of the dividend increase my yearly estimated dividend income increased by C$2,52.

ING Group adds 2,3% to the final dividend

ING Group announced an increase of their final dividend over 2019 from €0,44 to €0,45.

As the result of the 200 shares I own my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by €2.

This is the 7th dividend increase for me this year and my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by €45,32 as a result.

l’Oreal adds 10,4% to it’s dividend

l’Oreal announced an increase of their yearly dividend from €3,85 to €4,25. This is an increase of 10,4%.

As a result of the 6 shares l’Oreal I own, my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by €2,40.

This is my 6th dividend increase this year and based on this increases my yearly estimated dividend income will this year grow by €43,32.

January 2020 Dividend Report

The first month of 2020 is finished and it’s time to write the report over last month. I collected a total amount of €360,04 in dividend. This is an increase of 156% compared to January 2019.

The dividend increase is mainly due to purchases in made in 2020 of companies with a payout in January.

The top 3 companies which paid me a dividend this month are Wereldhave, Colony Capital and Anally Capital.

On top of the €360,04 income from dividend I also realized a profit of €460,06 during the january option expiration from closed and expired positions.

Dividend Income – €360,04

Colony Capital PREF H44,00
Anally Capital40,56
National Grid38,91
Occidental Petroleum34,09
Colony Capital PREF I33,72
Altria Group25,69
Coresite Realty21,92
Bank of Nova Scotia19,80
AGNC Investment15,11
EPR Properties10,45
Brown-Forman B3,91


Dividend Changes:

2020 Target Status:

  • I’m at €1.200 out of €14.400 deposit target (8,3%)
  • I’m at €360,04 out of €5.850 dividends received target (6,2%)
  • I’m at €460,05 income from writing options
  • I’m at €0 in extra mortgage repayments

Purchase 51 shares PacWest Bancorp

Today I purchased 51 shares PacWest Bancorp (PACW) at a price of $35,22. PacWest Bancrop is a regional bank holding company mainly active in California. PacWest has over $26 billion in assets and is the holding company for Pacific Western Bank.

PacWest Bancorp is currently paying a dividend of $2,40 per year which results in a dividend yield of 6,8%.

As part of my targets for 2020 I also formulated 6 guidelines which I use regarding new investments. New investments must follow at least 4 out of these 6 targets:

Yield > 2,5%Y6,81%
5YR average dividend growth > 10%N4,66%
Payout < 65%Y61,50%
PE ratio < 20Y9,0
ROE > 10%N9,60%
Current price vs. 52 week high < 85%J84,60%

The dividend growth I basically one of the most import lines on the list with guidelines above, but as the current yield is high this stock still scores high on my watchlist.

The estimated dividend income from PacWest Bancorp the next 10 years is beating the expected income from other stocks on my watchlist with a higher average dividend growth rate. Only PNC Financial is getting close in this time frame, but as I use an average 5 year growth rate of 20% for PNC so it’s questionable if this growth rate can be maintained over a time frame of 10 years.

With the purchase of PacWest Bancorp I add $122,40 to my yearly estimated dividend income.

Interim Dividend National Grid Increased by 3,0%

Today I received the interim dividend from National Grid and I noticed it was 3,0% higher than the interim dividend received last year.

National Grid increased their interim dividend from 16,08p to 16,57p.

Based on the most recent paid interim and final dividend the yearly dividend is 47,83p. This means the current yield of National Grid is 4,9%.

The yield on cost of my National Grid position is 5,4%.

December 2019 Dividend Report

And again another month and year has been finished and it’s time to write my report regarding my December dividend income.

December 2019 resulted for me in €526,94 in dividend income. This is up 117% from the €242,66 I received previous year in December.

In total I received this year €4.893 in Dividend income. This is 120% better than the €2.224 received in 2018!

I received dividend from 18 companies. The income in December was influenced by a speculative position in Washington Prime Group which I closed in November, but in December I received the most recent dividend payment from WPG.

Top 3 dividend payers are WPG, Shell and Macerich. The dividend payments of these 3 companies are good for 46% of my dividend income this month.

Above my regular monthly mortgage payment I did an extra repayment of €260.

Dividend Income – €526,94

Washington Prime Group112,14
Royal Dutch Shell79,18
Dominion Energy24,82
Taubman Centers21,06
Monmouth REIT16,01
AGNC Investment15,16
Bank of America14,50
Coca Cola13,99
Johnson & Johnson12,85
EPR Properties10,43


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €14.400 out of €14.400 deposit target (100%)
  • I’m at €4.893,24 out of €3.500 dividend received target (140%)
  • I’m at €2.973,25 income from writing options
  • I’m at €3.200 in extra mortgage repayments