Purchase 15 Think AEX UCITS ETF

Today I bought 15 Think AEX UCITS ETF’s. I now hold 26 shares of this ETF. Based on the last four, quarterly, dividend payments the yield is 2,99%. With this purchase I expect to add €23,85 to my yearly dividend income. The dividend of the AEX index ETF is not that steady, because also cyclical companies are part of it so I don’t expect to see the dividends of this ETF increasing on a yearly basis.

Dividend development of the last few years:

2016: €1,59
2015: €1,13
2014: €1,11
2013: €0,92
2012: €1,17
2012: €1,10

This ETF is following the AEX index. The AEX index is consisting out of the 25 most frequently traded securities listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. I purchased this ETF to increase the euro investments in my portfolio, because last 2 years I relatively bought a lot of stocks listed at the NASDAQ or NYSE. Also I consistently invest part of my money in ETF’s to add more diversity to my portfolio. The AEX index is partially consisting out of huge companies so I know that this ETF also has dollar exposure.

The top 4 stocks in the AEX index are Royal Dutch Shell (6,8% yield), Unilever (2,4% yield), ING Group (5,6% yield) and ASML (0,9% yield) and these 4 stocks have a weighting of over 50% together. I already have positions in these 4 stocks so with the purchase of this ETF my exposure increases. Eve Online Player Diary