Closing short Iberdrola put december 6,75

In july I sold 2 December puts on Iberdrola shares with an excercise price of €6,75. The stock price of Iberdrola at that time was €6,87. For selling the 2 puts I received 0,26 per share so €52 in total. After transaction costs the received premium was €49.

If I would be assigned the net purchase price of the shares would have been €6,50

Today I decided to close this position. The stock price of Iberdrola today was €6,60 and I bought back the 2 put options for €0,22 per share so €44 euro in total. After transaction costs this is €47.

Volatility of the Iberdrola shares increased slightly last few months so I plan to sell 2 januari €6,50 puts if next few days the stock prices will decline slightly. For €0,20 per share I plan to open this position again. If assigned in January the net purchase price will be €6,31 including transaction fee’s.

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