Purchase 100 shares Royal Dutch Shell A

epa:rdsa royal dutch shell

Today I bought 100 shares Royal Dutch Shell A (epa:rdsa) against a price of €27,53 per share. I now have a total position of 120 shares Royal Dutch Shell. Royal Dutch Shell is currently paying a quarterly dividend of $0,47. This is an expected yearly dividend op $1,88 per year. In euro’s this is €1,59 against the current exchange rate of 1.178.

With this purchase I add €159 in yearly dividend income. The yield on cost of this purchase will be 5,8%.

I bought these stocks, because Royal Dutch Shell announced strong cashflow figures last week. They also announced to stop their stockdividend program. In my eyes this is a sign that Royal Dutch Shell (epa:rdsa) considers their cashflow strong enough to fund investments and dividend payments.