Sales of 12 shares Verizon Communications

Today I sold 12 shares of Verizon Communications and closed my position in this stock. Based on the Q4 results published today by Verizon.

For years now both the sale and EBIT of Verizon is growing at a very slow rate. Based on the today published figures I decided to sell all my Verizon shares.


-€556,78 Purchase Price
+€20,73 Dividend Received
+€518,71 Sales Price

-€17,34 Total Result

I bought the shares at an USD price of $49,58 and sold them at an USD price of $53,15, but during the time the USD/EUR exchange rate changed during the time I owned Verizon from 1,0696 to 1,2284. This is an 13% decline.

It’s a good sample to show the impact exchange rates can have on a portfolio.

With the sales of 12 Verizon shares my estimated dividend income this year decreases with $28,32.