Purchase 5 shares Johnson & Johnson

Today I bought 5 more shares of Johnson & Johnson at a price of $126,9. My total number of J&J shares is now 15. With this purchase my average cost of J&J is decreasing from $132,69 to $ 130,76. J&J is down almost 15% down from a 52 week high and moving at a 52 weeks low price so I decided to buy a few more shares.

The estimated yearly dividend of Johnson & Johnson is $3,36 so the purchase of 5 shares will increase my yearly estimated dividend income with $16,80.

The current yield of Johnson & Johnson is 2,65%.

One thought on “Purchase 5 shares Johnson & Johnson”

  1. Solid long term pick up. JNJ has been in my portfolio since day one. Nice to see your buying continue. I know many have decided to stop or slow their stock purchases for fear of a market crash. I see you also got some ENB. Keep growing that dividend stream!

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