Purchase 17 shares Coca-Cola

Yesterday I for the 3rd time bought shares Coca Cola. This time I bought the shares against price per share of $42,20. I now own 39 shares Coca-Cola with an average purchase price of $44,37. With this purchase I add $26,52 to my yearly estimated dividend income.

While writing this post I realized that previous time I bought more Coca-Cola shares at the end of January, I bought them at price just 20 cents below the 52 weeks high, actually even a 5 year high. Now I add the shares close to the 52 weeks low of Coca-Cola which is a much better moment to add shares.

I now bought shares Coca Cola 3 times:

1st purchase: 15 shares @ $44,95
2nd purchase: 7 shares @ $48,41
3rd purchase: 17 shares @ $42,20

The current yield on cost based on the weighted average purchase price is 3,52%.