Purchase 23 shares Danone at €65,65

Today I bought 23 shares Danone at a price of €65,65 per share.

Danone is a French food processing company. The main brands Danone is owning are Active, Actimel, Evian, Aqua, Volvic, Danone and Nutricia. To bring more balance in my portfolio I was looking for a company active in the food market and I did choose Danone.

Danone has a yearly dividend of €1,90 which brings the yield on cost on 2,89%. The dividend is paid once a year around the end of May. This purchase doesn’t increase my dividend outlook for this year, but it will add €43,70 to the dividends I expect to receive next year.

3 thoughts on “Purchase 23 shares Danone at €65,65”

  1. Superb purchase! Danone is in my watch list also. The company have great dividend history as ten year dividend growth is around 5.4%, stable business/EPS growth for recent years more over is a world wide company that will work fine for diversification.
    All in all that’s an amazing chose of yours.

    1. Thanks! I see Danone also as a conservative, stable addition to my portfolio and I like shares like this in times where I think that prices are high on the stock exchange.

  2. Solid company as far as I know. I use lots of their brands so it’s an intersting stock for me as well. Care to share your purchasing metrics?

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