July Dividend Report 2018

Monthly Report July:

This month I received €98,24 in dividends compared to €63,65 last year. This is an increase of 54,3%! versus the July 2017 dividend received.

6 Companies paid me dividend this month. The grow of dividend income is mainly due to an increased position in Wereldhave and Coresite Realty. Also Coca Cola is a new position adding to the growth of my dividend income.

This month I did buy 23 shares Danone. I added Danone to my portfolio, because I wanted to add some defensive consumer goods companies to my portfolio from the eurozone. Also a few days later a doubled my position in Facebook from 8 to 16 shares. The Facebook share purchase is an opportunistic purchase for me. The share price dropped 20% after the publication of the 2nd quarter results.

The 2nd quarter numbers weren’t bad, but Facebook mentioned lower gross margin expectations for the near future. I still believe in the strong cashflow generating abilities of Facebook so I added a few more shares.

I ended the month with a portfolio value of €58.797.

Dividend Income – €98,24:

– Wereldhave €34,65
– Macquarie Group €20,25
– Coresite Realty €17,64
– Coca Cola €13,06
– EPR Properties €9,25
– Brown-Forman B €3,38

Purchase 23 shares Danone @ €65,65
Purchase 8 shares Facebook @ $176,40

Dividend Changes:
Bank of Americe quarterly dividend +25% ($5,16 extra yearly dividend)
Simon Property Group quarterly dividend +2,6% ($3,20 extra yearly dividend)

2018 Target Status:
I’m at €12.650 out of €18.000 deposit target (70,2%)
I’m at €1.252,86 out of €2.200 dividend received target (56,9%)
I’m at €5.400 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayments (target reached)

7 thoughts on “July Dividend Report 2018”

  1. Hi Erik,

    You obviously did a much better job in July than we did with our portfolio (no passive income last month…). I also like your two most recent portfolio additions. Thought about initiating a position in Facebook, too. However, its stock price rose faster than I was able to make an investment-decision. Maybe next time, when the next scandal becomes public… 😉

    Greetings from Germany
    – David

    1. July is a weak month for me also. I don’t have many companies in my portfolio paying out their dividend in July. Facebook I have always on my watchinglist. It’s not a dividend paying company I normally look for, but the cashflow they generate I really consider very impressive.

  2. That is an impressive growth rate and I like your Danone buy! I’ll be looking into that one as well. Even though you say this is a “weak” month, almost €100 in dividends is nothing short of amazing:)

    1. I don’t have many companies paying out in July. Jan, Feb, Jul and Oct tends to be the months where I’m well below average in income. Anyway you are right, getting almost €100 is still nice.

  3. Congrats on your YOY growth! 54.3% is a really nice increase. You will definitely be able to surpass $100 in the next yoy report. Good luck with your targets for the year. Looks like you’re doing well. Keep it up.

    1. With a just a small dividend increase from one of the in July paying companies I will indeed surpass €100. Always nice to cross the the 3 figures mark.

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