August Dividend Report 2018

Monthly Report August:

August was an unexpectingly strong month for me with a dividend income of €310,93. My dividend income of August 2017 was €76,53 so my dividend income is up 306%. I’m very happy with this result.

The dividend income is much higher than I expected due to the dividend payment of Flow Traders of €67,50. Flow Traders is a market maker and it did benefit a lot of the volatility in the market in Q1. This resulted in a big profit and a big dividend. Volatility is gone so I expect this was a one time extra high dividend.

Due to this high dividend payment of Flow Traders it’s now possible I will reach the dividend income target of €2.200 I did set for this year. Based on the stocks I own and the dividend payments they have scheduled for the rest of the year I’m now expecting an dividend income this year of €2.193. I just need a few more dividend increases combined with possible dividend income from stock purchases I will make this year and I’m at the target. Still not sure I will reach the target, but at least it’s going to be very very close.

In August I recieved dividend payments of 13 companies. Mainly responsible for the dividend growth are new positions in Flow Traders and Omega Healthcare and also increased positions in National Grid, AbbVie, Macquarie Infrastructure Company and Simon Property Group.

This month I bought 25 shares of Unilever at a price of €48,89 including fee’s. Unilever was already on my watchlist for a long time to buy on a dip, but the share price was mainly moving in a small range. I decided to buy this month defensive consumer goods company and I decided Unilever is my choice for this month.

I ended the month with a portfolio value of €61.378. My estimated dividend income for 2018 based on my current portfolio is €2.193. The yearly estimated dividend income of my current portfolio is €2.386.

Dividend Income – €310,93:

– Flow Traders €67,50
– National Grid €37,54
– Macquarie Infrastructure Company €36,84
– Omega Healthcare €30,89
– AbbVie €29,55
– Simon Property Group €27,59
– Amsterdam Commodities(epa:acomo) €18,00
– Royal Bank of Canada €13,03
– Novo Nordisk €12,06
– ING €12,00
– DSM €10,01
– EPR Properties €9,50
– Apple €6,42

Purchase 25 shares Unilever @ €48,89

Dividend Changes:
Royal Bank of Canada quarterly dividend +4,3% (C$2,52 extra yearly dividend)

2018 Target Status:
I’m at €14.450 out of €18.000 deposit target (80,3%)
I’m at €1.563,79 out of €2.200 dividend received target (71,1%)
I’m at €5.400 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayments (target reached)

4 thoughts on “August Dividend Report 2018”

  1. Nice portfolio and seriously great dividend income. I’d love to have a bit more EUR investments as now I just have Unilever. I find it difficult to find strong dividend companies without complicated tax problems that pay regularly and increase the dividend though. I am looking at ASML, RDS and DSM so I’m quite jealous of your Dutch portion of the portfolio. Keep up the great job, and would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?


    1. Dividend withholding tax is indeed often an issue with EUR investments. I did even sell stocks before going ex-dividend to buy them back the next day to, because this was cheaper than than the withholding tax. I decided to prepare tax return forms next year and ask (part of) the withholding tax back. I have the idea it’s just one time searching how to ask it back and next year it will hopefully be routine.

      Of course you can add me to your blogroll 🙂

  2. That is some serious dividend money coming in IWD! And as DI already said, good to see a significant portion of EU investments. I want o to expand as well in that region to diversify more geographically.

    1. Thanks! I’m reading/researching a lot these days to find some more European picks to balance my portfolio. It’s a lot of reading, but interesting to do also.

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