Purchase of 4 shares ASML Holding

In September I made 3 purchases. The first purchase was Aena and the 2nd purchase I made was 4 shares ASML Holding at a price of €160,94. It’s the 2nd time I bought ASML shares and I now own 10 shares.

When I bought shares of ASML (EPA:ASML) for the first time in January of 2017 the share price was €113,90. So with this purchase my average purchase price is going up to €132,94.

ASML is paying a yearly dividend of €1,40 so my yield on cost is now 1,05%. With the purchase of 4 shares I add the humble amount of €6 to my yearly estimated dividend income.

ASML is currently the largest producer of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Basically ASML is producing the machines which are needed to produce computer chips. ASML has a unique position in the market due to the quality of their products. In 2017 that had a market share of over 85%. With this purchase I increase my exposore in the Technology sector.

6 thoughts on “Purchase of 4 shares ASML Holding”

    1. It’s a great company indeed. It’s a company with a unique position due to the patents they own. Great to hear from another Dutch dividend investor owning the same company 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m a bit light on Tech exposure and with this upgrade I increase the share of Tech companies in my portfolio.

  1. Nice purchase! I’m not familiar with the company, but I think they are major players in a great industry. Can’t complain about you adding a dividend paying stock with a strong moat.


    1. ASML indeed has a strong moat. It’s why I always have them on my watchlist to see if there are some dips in the share price to pick up a few more shares.

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