October Dividend Report 2018

Monthly Report October:

In October I received €78,36 in dividend payments. Last year in October I received €25,79 so my dividend income is up 203%.

I only have 5 stocks in my portfolio paying dividend in October. So October is never a big dividend income month for me. Wereldhave, Coresite Realty and Coca Cola are over 80% of my dividend income this month.

This month the share prices were down a lot due to trade war fears. My China-Tech related exposure increased by purchasing Alibaba and Tencent. Also I bought 112 shares Royal Dutch Shell at the end of the month, because Royal Dutch is down over 10% since its top and I consider the dividend yield of 5,6% a decent level to buy.

It’s possible that I will slightly reduce my Royal Dutch Shell position if the shares are above €30. Last few years I purchased a few times Royal Dutch Shell around €25 to sell it above €30. Shell is one of the few companies in which I sometimes open a ‘trade’ position. While waiting for the price to increase I enjoy the dividend and above €30 I sell (part) of the shares.

The month I ended with a portfolio value of €59.781. So I’m down 4,6% this month. My estimated dividend income for 2018 based on my current portfolio is €2.202. The yearly estimated dividend income of my current portfolio is €2.655.

Dividend Income – €78,36:

– Wereldhave €34,65
– Coresite Realty €17,81
– Coca Cola €13,15
– EPR Properties €9,34
– Brown-Forman B €3,42


– Purchase 112 shares Royal Dutch Shell A
– Purchase 10 shares AliBaba Group Holding
– Purchase 30 shares Tencent

Dividend Changes:


2018 Target Status:

I’m at €16.950 out of €18.000 deposit target (94,2%)
I’m at €1.825,52 out of €2.200 dividend received target (83,0%)
I’m at €5.400 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayments (target reached)

2 thoughts on “October Dividend Report 2018”

  1. A great month, Erik. And a nice year on year increase.

    I am curious about your purchase of WereldHave. What do you expect from the dividend in the future? Is it sustainable?

    My dividend income in October was not bad either. Although my dividend income is a little less than yours.

    1. I expect that the dividend is sustainable. For me it did feel that Wereldhave was undervalued due to lot’s of negative news regarding the Finish shopping center they sold this year. I doubled my position after the dividend cut to hopefully take advantage of the low valuation Wereldhave had and currently has.

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