November Dividend Report 2018

Monthly Report November:

In November I received €155,54 in dividend payments. Previous year in November I received €40,74 so my dividend income is up 282%.

Besides my monthly deposit to my stock account I also repayed €500 extra towards my mortgage principal. As I only pay 1,99% interest this will not result in a big interest saving next year, but I enjoy the feeling that I won’t have a mortgage anymore within a few years.

This month I received payments from 7 companies. Macquarie Infrastructure Company, Omega Healthcare, AbbVie and Simon Property Group are responisble for over 80% of my dividend income this month.

This month the share prices were down a lot due to trade war fears. My China-Tech related exposure increased by purchasing Alibaba and Tencent. Also I bought 112 shares Royal Dutch Shell at the end of the month, because Royal Dutch is down over 10% since its top and I consider the dividend yield of 5,6% a decent level to buy.

Only one more month and another year has finished. I expect to realise all targets set for 2018. In the first weeks of December I will set my targets for next year.

Dividend Income – €155,54:

– Macquarie Infrastructure Company €37,03
– Omega Healthcare €30,93
– AbbVie €29,62
– Simon Property Group €28,27
– Royal Bank of Canada €13,70
– EPR Properties €9,52
– Apple €6,42

Dividend History Per Month


Purchase 8 shares Berkshire Hathaway
Purchase 25 shares Altria
Purchase 2 shares Boeing

Dividend Changes:

25% interim dividend increase LVMH
11,5% quarterly dividend increase AbbVie
5,1% quarterly dividend increase Brown-Forman

2018 Target Status:

I’m at €17.300 out of €18.000 deposit target (96,1%)
I’m at €1.981,06 out of €2.200 dividend received target (90,0%)
I’m at €5.900 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayments (target reached)

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  1. Good job we share 3 companies and some fine ones at that. that YOY is awesome keep that up and you will be set in a few years. Keep it up.

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