Purchase 30 shares BMW

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Today I purchased 30 shares BMW at a price of €71,75. I already had BMW for some time on my watchlist and I decided to buy 30 shares today. This also because the stocks are trading around a 52 week low. Due to the effect of trade war tariffs and exchange rates BMW is expecting pressure on their profitability.

As a result of the selloff on the stock exchanges this week I consider it a good moment to pick up a few BMW shares for the long term.

As a result of this purchase I add €120 to my yearly estimated dividend income. The current dividend per share is €4 so the current yield is 5,57%.

2 thoughts on “Purchase 30 shares BMW”

  1. Hi Erik,

    I’m also a huge fan of BMW. We own shares ourselves and even consider adding to our existing position in the nearby future.

    May I ask why you decided to buy ordinary shares instead of preferred shares? Preferred shares are usually 10-15% cheaper and offer a slightly higher dividend (€4.02 vs. €4.00).

    – David

    1. To be honest I didn’t know BMW has preferred shares. Although I probably also wouldn’t have considered buying BMW preferred shares if I would have known about them. This is because often I see prefer regular shares, because preferred shares are often more like mini bonds giving a fixed percentage of dividend.

      Although I googled some information about the BMW preferred shares and the only difference between ordinary and preferred shares of BMW I can find is that preferred shares has no voting rights.

      Preferred shares of BMW maybe even look more attractive than the regular shares. Dividend is slightly higher, but the share price is 12% lower so the yield of the preferred shares is better, but I don’t know if voting power is the only difference or if there are any other reasons prefer ordinary shares above the preferred shares.

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