2019 Dividend Goals

It’s almost the end of 2018 so it’s a good time to set my dividend targets for next year. The inflation in The Netherlands is 2,0% in November compared to previous year. As a result of the inflation I’m increasing the monthly dividend income target from €1.015 to €1.035,30.

Targets 2019:

  • Reach €3.500 dividend income
  • Invest €14.400 fresh capital in my stock portfolio

Based on the portfolio I have now my dividend income for 2019 will be €3.176. My dividend income target is based on this income and 6% average dividend growth. Also I expect that new purchases will result in €133 in extra dividend income.

I reduced my monthly deposit from €1.500 to €1.200 this year. I want to increase the balance in my savings account in 2019, because it’s below the level where I want it to be after making some investments in my house.

Last few months the stock market is very volatile so I’m curious how next year will be on the stock market.

3 thoughts on “2019 Dividend Goals”

  1. Those are nice targets! I have to determine mine for 2019 (firzt year as DGI).

    You say new purchases will result in €133 in extra dividend income. Should that not be higher since you invest 14k?

  2. Hi Duch Dividend Investor

    Hope the best for 2019 it can be a little nervous in the begining of 2019 but i think we will be fine. Maybe bigger corection will come after 2020.

    Greeting from a Swedish Dentist

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