EPR Properties Increases Dividend: 4,1%

EPR Properties announced a dividend increase from $0,36 to $0,375 per month. I have 31 shares EPR Properties.

As a result my yearly dividend income is increasing with $5,58.

Due to the dividend increase my yield on cost is now 6,98%

2 thoughts on “EPR Properties Increases Dividend: 4,1%”

  1. Congrats on increasing your forward income. I don’t know much about them. However, it appears that they have increased their dividend annually recently. Plus, you have to like the yield and the monthly payment. Do you have any concerns about the safety of the dividend?


    1. Personally I don’t have any concerns about the dividend of EPR Properties. EPR is investing mainly in entertainment, recreation and education properties. It’s a often heared concern in the market that EPR is invested in Cinema properties and this segment can decline in the future as a result of streaming services.

      I don’t agree with this concern as I believe going to the cinema a movie on for example Netflix are 2 different kind of experiences.

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