January 2019 Dividend Report

Monthly Report January:

In January I received €140,32 in dividend payments. Previous year in January I received €42,43 so my dividend income is up 231%.

The first month of the year is never a big dividend income month for me. Actually normally January is the lowest dividend income month for me, but this year probably February will be the lowest month, because I expect €123,86 next month.

This month I received payments from 7 companies. Dividend payments from Wereldhave, Altria and Coresite Realty are responsible for over 50% of my income this month.

Dividend Income – €140,32:

Altria Group23,72
Coresite Realty19,31
National Grid18,01
Bank of Nova Scotia17,95
EPR Properties9,80
Brown-Forman B3,65


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €1.200 out of €14.400 deposit target (8,3%)
  • I’m at €140,32 out of €3.500 dividend received target (4,0%)

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