l’Oreal Increases Yearly Dividend with €0,30

Yesterday l’Oreal announced an increase of their yearly dividend from €3,55 to €3,85. This is an increase of their dividend by 8,5%.

I own 6 shares so my yearly estimated dividend income is increasing with €1,80. My yield on cost is now 2,22%.

l’Oreal is already the 12th company increasing their dividend payment this year.

2 thoughts on “l’Oreal Increases Yearly Dividend with €0,30”

  1. Doesn’t France have a withholding tax of 30%? Then on top of that I have to pay 10.5% tax to my country of residence. So, a whopping 40.5% dividend tax (25.5% on normal conditions) is a strong deterrent for me to stay of Frenchies.

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