April 2019 Dividend Report

Monthly Report April:

April was a record breaking month for me. I received €668,13 in dividends. This is an YoY increase of 133%. This month I broke the record I set in March with almost €250! Next month I will break this record again, because more yearly dividends are scheduled for payout in May. After May I have to wait till next year to set a new dividend income record.

This month I received payments from 18 companies. Biggest payers this month are Nordea Bank, Fortum and Aena. Basically yearly dividends from European countries made the majority of my dividend income this month.

Besides the €668,13 I received as dividend income, I also realized an extra income of €85,35 from expired or closed written put options.

Dividend Income – €668,13:

Nordea Bank151,80
Altria Group24,32
Novo Nordisk20,73
Colony Capital PREF I19,79
Colony Capital PREF H19,73
Coresite Realty19,49
Bank of Nova Scotia18,53
AGNC Investment14,53
Coca Cola13,91
National General Holdings PREF O12,04
EPR Properties10,31
Brown-Forman B3,70

Option Income – €85,35:

  • 1x ING P10.50 18APR19 – €25,30
  • 2x AGN P4.50 18APR19 – €13,45
  • 2x ING P9.50 21JUN19 – €46,60


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €5.000 out of €14.400 deposit target (37,7%)
  • I’m at €1355,26 out of €3.500 dividend received target (38,7%)
  • I’m at €230,70 income from writing options

2 thoughts on “April 2019 Dividend Report”

  1. Hi Erik,

    Congrats to a fantastic month! What an impressive YoY growth!

    I always wanted to invest some money in Nordea Bank, too, but never found the right moment. Now, I missed the annual dividend payment again… Maybe I’ll be on board next year… 😉

    Best wishes from Germany

    – David

    1. Yearly dividends helped me reaching a nice growth and the high yield of Nordea definately helped a lot.

      Probably price of Nordea will at this level until it’s clear what the impact will be of the alleged money laundering so the price will probably stay interesting enough to start a position.

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