Coresite increases dividend from $1,10 to $1,22 per quarter

Coresite Realty announced an increase of their quarterly dividend from $1,10 to $1,22. This is an increase of 10,9%.

I own 20 shares Coresite Realty so my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $8,65.

As a result of the increased dividend my yield on cost will be 5,06%.

2 thoughts on “Coresite increases dividend from $1,10 to $1,22 per quarter”

  1. Congrats on that dividend increase right there! 10.9% increase is your dividend is pretty sick, especially considering that you didn’t lift a finger to earn that.


    1. It’s a really nice increase indeed. I think it’s even up 18% versus the dividend in the 1st quarter of previous year.

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