Purchase 180 shares Annaly Capital Management

This week I purchased 180 shares Annaly Capital Managment at a price of $9,33. The current quarterly dividend of Annaly Capital is $0,25 per share so my yield on cost is 10,7%.

As a result of the purchase of 180 shares Annaly Capital my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $180.

Annaly is relatively high risk addition to my portfolio. Annaly is a mortgage REIT and the current market with low interest rates is not favorable for mREIT companies.

Due to the marketconditions Annaly Capital reduced it’s quarterly dividend from $0,30 to $0,25. The current shareprice is basically around it’s 3 years low and I decided to start a small position in Annaly. I bought these shares knowing that the dividend can be cut again, but at the current price I’m willing to add Annally to my portfolio.

This is my 2nd purchase of a mortgage REIT this year. Earlier this year I started a position in AGNC Investment. These 2 mREIT’s are almost 3% of my total portfolio and as mREIT’s are relatively high risk, I don’t plan to increase my exposore to mREIT’s any further.