May 2019 Dividend Report

In May I broke for the 3rd month in a row my dividend income record. I received ā‚¬736,15 in dividends. This is an YoY increase of 111%! My record breaking streak will be over now for this year. Based on my portfolio and the timing of dividend payments, I estimate I will have to wait till April 2020 to set a new record.

This month I received payments from 18 companies. The 3 biggest payers in May are for me BMW, ING and Bayer. To be honest this is a funny top 3 for me. Normally BMW is a big cost for me, as I drive a BMW. I also pay monthly a substantial amount to ING, because I have a mortgage from ING. And Bayer well… the girlfriend is using some pills produced by Bayer.

Funny to have a 3 companies in the top 3 dividend payers this month which normally are responsible for a substantial part of my costs.

The son of my girlfriend is the most impressed by my lowest dividend paying company this month: Tencent. He told his friends that moms boyfriend is making money from Fortnite šŸ™‚

Besides depositing ā‚¬1.300 in my brokers account, I also did make an extra repayment on my mortgage of ā‚¬1.500 reducing my mortgage debt and resulting in lower future interest payments.

I didn’t have any option income this month as I didn’t write any put options last month. Based on the high volatility I didn’t consider the option premiums worth it.

Dividend Income ā€“ ā‚¬ 736,15:

Macquarie Infrastructure Company66,27
Flow Traders50,00
Omega Healthcare34,27
ASML Holding31,50
Simon Property Group29,29
Amsterdam Commodities27,00
AGNC Investment16,88
Royal Bank of Canada14,23
EPR Properties10,38


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • Iā€™m at ā‚¬6.300 out of ā‚¬14.400 deposit target (43,8%)
  • Iā€™m at ā‚¬2.091,41 out of ā‚¬3.500 dividend received target (59,8%)
  • I’m at ā‚¬230,70 income from writing options
  • I’m at ā‚¬1.500 in extra mortgage repayments

4 thoughts on “May 2019 Dividend Report”

  1. Very solid! Investing in BMW seems like a great idea. Bayer seems like a good hold too.

    Haven’t tallied our May dividend income yet, but should be over $1,700. šŸ™‚

    1. $1700 is a great result! BMW and Bayer I both like to hold for the long term and enjoy their yearly payouts. Both are relatively new positions in my portfolio and I bought both stocks, because they reached a relatively low price level due to trade war influences (BMW) or lost legal cases regarding Roundup (Bayer).

    1. I also missed NGG’s dividend raise. I only noticed it based on the higher than expected dividend showing up in my stock account.

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