I Want Dividend: Summer Special!

Today it’s a nice 28 degrees Celcius in The Netherlands. While waiting at a traffic light I was thinking about my stock portfolio. With nice sunny weather outside I was thinking what ‘summer stocks’ I have in my portfolio.

With summer stocks I mean stocks which offers a product or service which is enjoyed by people on warm summer days. This inspired me to write a Summer Special post and share with you the companies in my portfolio which let me profit from the holidays of other people.

1: Aegon (yield 7,32%)

Aegon is a dutch based insurance company. Aegon’s mainly generates income by selling life insurance.

As us Dutch people often have travel insurance to cover theft or hospital costs occuring abroad it’s makes for me that Aegon deserves a place in the Summer Special.

I have a travel insurance myself, but I’m guilty of having it at a company in which I don’t have any shares.

2: Tencent (yield 0,31%)

I wasn’t sure if I should list Tencent in this list. This was to be honest more, because as person I’m not well informed about their products. I still listed Tencent in this list, because I didn’t have any doubts about listing Alphabet or Facebook in this list.

Tencent deserves a mention as summer stock on this list, because Chinese people can post their fantastic pictures they make while being in The Netherlands on the social media platforms QQ and WeChat.

Also I assume that if Chinese people are doing research about beautiful locations in The Netherlands that they will also get stalked by targetted adds promoting holiday trips to The Netherlands.

I could also say that Tencent is a summer stock from the games they own. I guess many people are spending extra time on games during the summer holiday (partially) owned by Tencent like Fortnite, PUBG and Clash of Clans.

As far as I know I’m not a user of any of the services offered by Tencent, but I love telling to the son of my girlfriend who loves playing Fortnite that I’m one of the owners of Fortnite 😉

3: l’Oreal (yield 1,60%)

I gave l’Oreal a place on this list, because of the sun care articles they sell. When going on a holiday to a sunny location it’s a good idea to protect your skin by using high SPF sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun.

I’m a customer of l’Oreal myself and when I go on holiday there is for sure some l’Oreal sunscreen in my bag.

4: Altria (yield 6,52%)

Altria is one of the largest producers of cigarettes. Personally I don’t care about their products. Maybe their products even annoy myself, because I don’t like smelling smoke when sitting on a terrace enjoying a cool drink.

When I’m on the airport I see many people taking advantage of the tax-free shops and buying a few boxes of cigarettes. So I guess for many people visiting the tax-free cigarettes shop at the airport is part of their holiday routine.

5: Amazon.com (yield 0,00%)

Amazon sells almost everything: travel guides, suitcases, inflatable swimming pools, summer cloths, sun glasses and way way more.

For being a great site to visit to buy all kind of summer articles Amazon deserves a place on this list.

6: Danone (yield 2,72%)

Come on Erik! Danone is just a boring dairy company. Yoghurts is not really a holiday food!

Well, France is the most popular holiday location for Dutch people. I also love going to France. I really love the Provence area. It’s almost always sunny in the south of France and when it’s sunny I want to have some cool water to drink: Evian.

Evian is one of the many water brands owned by Danone and it qualifies Danone as summer stock.

7: Coca Cola (yield 3,26%)

I love cold cola on a hot day. Let me walk some time in the hot sun and Coca Cola is really refreshing me.

To stay more healthy: Coca Cola is also owning dozens of water brands all over the world. In The Netherlands and Belgium Coca Cola is owning the Chaudfontaine water brand. I enjoy drinking their carbonated waters on hot summer days at home.

Coca Cola is owning this many water brands that probably when being on holiday abroad I often drinked one of their waters without realizing it.

8: BMW (yield 5,64%)

Listing BMW as summer stock is maybe a bit far fetched. Why I list it? I drive a BMW myself. So when we go on a holiday by car we spend many hours in the BMW.

So personally I can list BMW as a summer stock.

9: Boeing (yield 2,41%)

Listing Boeing as summer company is way more clear. To get to holiday location many people go by plane and many people will travel in a Boeing produced plane to get to their destiny of choice and experience a wonderful holiday.

10: Alphabet (yield 0,00%)

I hate them during holiday time. Some weeks ago I used google to get information about a trip to Bali, Indonesia. For weeks I now get stalked by advertisements promoting Bali on sites I visit.

When I watch a video on youtube I still often get a video from a travel agency promoting a wonderful trip to Bali.

We didn’t book a trip to Indonesia, but Google is showing me so often Bali adds that I almost start to regret not booking the Indonesia trip. Almost!

11: Aena (yield 4,20%)

This company is not known by many people, but for me there is no doubt that this company deserves a place in this summer special.

Aena is operating 46 Spanish airports and 16 airports outside Spain. As tourist myself I travelled through a few Aena operated airports.

The airports in Valencia, Barcelona, Ibizi and Gran Canaria I visited as tourist.

As investor I love this unkown stock also. Operating an airport is very steady predictable business and they pay a nice juicy yield which will pay for a decent number of Cervezas (beers) during holiday.

12: Unilever (yield 3,04%)

Unilever is the worlds biggest icecream producer. Thats what I call a real summer company.

This icecream called ‘Raketje’ (rocket) in The Netherlands is something I loved to eat as kid and I still sometimes like to eat it.

13: Facebook (yield 0,00%)

Yes, this is a summer stock. Don’t you also see to many friends sharing way to many holiday pictures?

As I love the cashflow Facebook generates more than their product. I will not write more about them.

14: Royal Dutch Shell (yield 6,04%)

Far fetched again to list this company as summer company, but I don’t want to end with 13 stocks on this list. It’s holiday soon! I don’t want to bring bad luck to myself from listing only 13 companies on this list.

Now back to Shell. Why is it a summer company? It’s because when I go on holiday by car to for example the south of France I need gasoline. I will fill the tank of my car at Shell.

Also the planes flying to holiday location will use kerosine produced by Shell. I know, these are weak reasons to call Shell a summer stock, but at least I avoid to have a list 13 companies.

Do you have any stocks in your portfolio which are really making a profit from people enjoying the summer or going on holiday? Let me know in the comments!