June 2019 Dividend Report

After having a few record breaking months June is a relatively calm month again. I received €425,87 in dividends. This is an YoY increase of 91,5%!

This month I received payments from 13 companies. The 3 biggest payers in June are for me Royal Dutch Shell, Macerich and Enbridge.

I also realized €202,75 in option premiums income. I got lucky this month in timing a coverred put on Colruyt. I shorted 100 shares Colruyt and also sold a put at a strike of €64. A few weeks later Colruyt dropped over 20% as a result of the sober outlook the publiced regarding the next bookyear.

As a result of the 20% price drop I got 100 shares delivered from the short put so I took the maximum profit for this construction in a few weeks time. Of course I could have have made more money without writing the put, but I was expecting the stock staying in a tight price range as it did last few months.

This was for me the first time I experimented with a short stock position. I can’t say that I did feel comfortable with it. It was a position which was often making me worry, because I don’t have the feeling that as private investor I can easily make money with short positions.

The cost for borrowing the stock I didn’t know upfront and is variable based on how asked a certain stock is among short sellers. It also did make me feel that the market ‘works against me’. Last month the stock market in general was up. It gave me the feeling that I could easily lose a lot of money if the stock would increase with a few percent.

I totally don’t have any worries about the stocks I own or the few naked short put positions I have, because I can estimate the risk of the naked puts, but the risk of rising stock prices or a takeover of a stock which is shorted not gives me a comfortable feeling.

So for now I decided that I won’t short any stock soon. Any position in my portfolio shouldn’t give me the feeling that it could potentially have a to big impact on my portfolio value if the bet is wrong.

Dividend Income – € 425,87:

Royal Dutch Shell77,68
Think AEX UCITS ETF27,56
Dominion Energy24,36
AGNC Investment14,99
Johnson & Johnson12,71
Bank of America11,85
Monmouth REIT11,35
EPR Properties10,35

Option Income – €202,75:

  • 2x AGN P4.30 21JUN19 – €24,60
  • 1x COL P64.00 21JUN19 – €178,15


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €7.500 out of €14.400 deposit target (52,1%)
  • I’m at €2.517,28 out of €3.500 dividend received target (71,9%)
  • I’m at €433,45 income from writing options
  • I’m at €2.600 in extra mortgage repayments

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    1. The income from option is indeed a nice extra. Although at the moment it feels more tricky, because of the high stock prices.

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