Purchase 128 shares Invesco LTD

This week I bought 128 shares Invesco at a price of $17,25. Invesco is currently paying a quarterly dividend of $1,24. As a result my yield on cost is 7,19%.

Based on the current dividend my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $158,72.

2 thoughts on “Purchase 128 shares Invesco LTD”

    1. Until reading the Q3 figures of Invesco I had this company on my watchlist with as note that dividend safety is questionable, but I removed this remark in my model after the reading the Q3 figures. As a result this stock suddenly ranked high instead of medium on my watchlist.

      This is also partially, because some DGI stocks I follow are priced very high at the current stock market levels. In my model some typical DGI stocks I follow get ranked below companies who have an above average yield, but with lower expected dividend growth.

      Basically I want to invest in ‘safe heaven’ in the consumer defensive sector like Hormel, Coca Cola, Unilever, etc, but due to their current P/E ratio they rank lower in my scoring model than companies who generate a decent dividend now, because of an above average yield. With the current share prices the model I use is mainly having financials, reits and healthcare companies on top.

      My exposure to the financial and real estate sector is basically already slightly over the maximum I would prefer and I planned to see if I have to adjust my ranking model or that I keep it simple by skipping all financial and reit companies on my watchlist when I decided what my November purchase will be.

      It’s easier to decided what to buy when most companies on my watchlist are not around their all-time high! 🙂

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