Dividend Report April 2020

Luckily April was a way more calm month than March. The sentiment on the stock market turned and losses from April are partially offset by a raising market last month.

At the start of the year I expected to break my alltime high in monthly dividend income this month, but in reality I scored below last year. I miss payment from 8 companies, but fortunately only 2 of these companies stopped paying their dividend. From 6 other companies I expect the payment in the next few months as they were not able to get the dividend approved as their shareholders meeting was delayed.

I received payment from 16 companies for a total value of €471,04. This is 29% below last year. HSBC and Bonava are skipping their dividend. I expect a payment in May or July from Anally Capital, Aena, Altria Group, Fortum, l’Oreal and LVMH.

My dividend outlook for 2020 decreased this month again, mainly due to the dividend cut of Royal Dutch Shell. My outlook decreased from €5.207 to €4.947.

My top 3 payers are this month European companies for a change and are Givaudan, Nestlé and Ahold.

Dividend overview April:

Colony Capital PREF H (13-4-2020)45,00
Occidental Petroleum42,09
Colony Capital PREF I (5-6-2022)34,49
Coresite Realty22,42
EPR Properties21,79
Novo Nordisk21,62
Bank of Nova Scotia19,03
Eastman Chemical18,32
AGNC Investment15,37
Coca Cola14,62
Lam Research6,35
Brown-Forman B3,99

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  1. Well Erik, those are some impressive numbers despite the setbacks in payout. That Shell dividend cuts stings!

    But based on your activities you’ll be finding different sources to replenish the dividends lost. Keep up the grind!

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