Dividend Report May 2020

May was a month were the stock markets showed a recovery from the loses earlier this year. For me it’s still the question if this recovery will stay as it’s not possible yet to see how business results will develop next few months. The market is pricing in a fast recovery from Covid-19.

In May I received €489,36 in dividend income. This is 30% lower than the income in May 2019. This is for €217 related to positions closed positions in Flow Traders, Wereldhave, Omega Healthcare, Amsterdam Commodities en Warehouses de Pauw.

Also I missed payments from Danone and Simon Property Group which for now are delayed. Simon Property Group will decide in June what to do with the dividend.

I also miss payments from ING and Macquarie Infrastructure Company, because these 2 companies suspended their dividend.

My top 3 dividend payers are this month just as in previous month from European companies. The top 3 payers are Fortum, BMW and Bayer. All 3 pay their dividend one time per year so it’s easy to beat the companies paying a quarterly dividend and rank high on my monthly income list.

Dividend May 2020

Anally Capital41,08
Altria Group26,07
EPR Properties21,96
ASML Holding20,25
Royal Bank of Canada14,85
AGNC Investment14,53
PacWest Bancorp11,45
WestRock Company9,91

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  1. Shame about the cuts Erik. I’m also waiting on what will happen with the SPG dividend. Still allmost €500 euro is something to be very enthousiastic about! 🙂

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