Dividend Report June 2020

June was a exciting month for me and my girlfriend as we purchased a new house. As we both like to keep our fixed costs low we both decided to sell part of our stock portfolio’s to reduce the amount of mortgage needed.

As a result the estimated yearly dividend income will decrease also.

In my June numbers this is not visible yet. I received €391 in dividend and an additional €95 due to writing call options. This is 8% lower than June 2019 due to dividend suspenions at Aegon and Nordea Bank.

14 companies paid a dividend and the top 3 payers are Macebridge, Enbridge and Legal & General.

Dividend June 2020

Legal & General52,05
Royal Dutch Shell26,55
Dominion Energy25,09
Bank of America14,40
AGNC Investment13,85
Johnson & Johnson13,35
Gilead Sciences12,11

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