About me

I’m a dutch guy of 39 and I live in the center of The Netherlands. I love to cycle on my racing bike when the weather is nice. Also I enjoy reading and gaming. I studied economics and I’m currently employed as business controller at one of the biggest retail companies of The Netherlands.

I enjoy my job and love it to be busy at the office, but still I don’t have the intention to work (fulltime) till the retirement age. Currently the retirement age in The Netherlands is set at 68, but it’s increased often based on the average life expectancy of the Dutch population.

I own a house and in the past years I used my salary to make extra repayments. As a result of the repayments and a growing salary I decided to do a monthly deposit of €1.500 to my broker account to build up a decent share portfolio. At the moment I reinvest all dividend income.

Writing this blog and setting yearly goals regarding my portfolio is helping me to have the discipline to really make the set amount of monthly deposits and it keeps me from spending my money on things I not really need.

I did set a goal for myself to reach €1.000 in average monthly dividend income. Once reaching this first goal I can evaluate if I want to start working parttime or change to another job which is less stressfull than the current job I have. Although I really enjoy it to be busy at the office at the moment, I want to build up a dividend portfolio to create flexibility in the future to work less or do a job with less stress.

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