October 2019 Dividend Report

October the month in which I have my birthday passed very fast. Just 2 more months left this year. October is one of my lowest dividend income months in a year. Only January and February are always scoring lower than October for me.

In October I received €228,69 in dividend. This is a growth of 192% compared to October 2018. Year to date October I received €4.061 in dividends. This is 122% above YTD October 2018.

11 companies paid me this month. Two series of preferred shares from Colony Capital where my biggest payer this month.

Besides dividend income I realized this month €113,15 in profit from writing put options. I only count closed or expired options as profit. For me information you can red my October Option Income Report.

Dividend Income – € 228,69

Colony Capital PREF H44,38
Anally Capital40,30
Altria Group25,93
Coresite Realty22,09
Colony Capital PREF I20,24
Bank of Nova Scotia19,61
AGNC Investment15,25
Coca Cola14,27
National General Holdings PREF O12,31
EPR Properties10,53
Brown-Forman B3,78


Dividend Changes:

  • none

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €13.200 out of €14.400 deposit target (91,7%)
  • I’m at €4.061,68 out of €3.500 dividend received target (116,0%)
  • I’m at €882,60 income from writing options
  • I’m at €2.940 in extra mortgage repayments

Sale 29 stocks National General Holdings Pref O

Today I sold 29 stocks from National General Holdings Pref O against a price of $25,05.

I bought this series of preferred stock from National General Holdings in March of this year against a price of $22,23. Based on this price the initial yield was 8,43%.

As the call date of these shares is April 2020 I also hoped to make another quick 12% if the shares would be called and redeemed against $25.

This week I decided I would sell the shares, because the current price is now above $25 and I’m happy with the capital appreciation and dividends received since the purchase in March.

In 7 months I made a profit of €117,65 based on dividend received and capital appreciation and after deduction of transaction costs. This is 18,0% so I’m happy to close this position.

The proceeds from this transaction I’m probably going to invest in another preferred stock.

September 2019 Dividend Report

In September I realized a dividend income of €537,79. This is 193% up from last year. 18 companies or ETF’s payed me in September. The 3 biggest payers for me in September are Washington Prime Group, Royal Dutch Shell and Macerich. The big raise basically comes for a huge part from a speculative investment in Washington Prime Group which.

This month I also did repay €120 extra on my mortgage above the regular monthly payments.

From closed or expired options I realized €309,50 in profits this month. For more information please read September Option Report.

Dividend Income – € 537,79

Washington Prime Group113,53
Royal Dutch Shell79,51
Dominion Energy25,08
Taubman Centers21,61
AGNC Investment15,23
Bank of America14,81
Johnson & Johnson12,90
Think AEX UCITS ETF11,96
Monmouth REIT11,58
EPR Properties10,56


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €11.700 out of €14.400 deposit target (81,3%)
  • I’m at €3.832,82 out of €3.500 dividend received target (109,5%)
  • I’m at €769,45 income from writing options
  • I’m at €2.940 in extra mortgage repayments

Purchase 30 shares Monmouth REIT

Today I purchased 30 shares Monmouth REIT at a price of $14,41. I now own 105 shares with. With this purchase my average purchase price declined from $16,23 to $15,71.

At the moment Monmouth is paying a yearly dividend of $0,68 per share. This purchase of 30 shares will increase my yearly estimated dividend income with $20,40.

Since starting a position in Monmouth I received €92,37 in dividends.

Option Income: Expiration September 2019

Last Friday the September option expiration date was. In September I rolled 3 positions to October and I closed 2 positions. The trades I rolled were all 3 rolled for a higher price and did result in a higher potentiol option profit to be realized.

The 2 closed option potitions resulted in €309,50 profit after transaction costs. My total realized profit this year is now €769,45.

The following 2 trades where closed in September:
  • 3x ING P9.40 20SEP19: profit €105,20

    I started this position in August. I decided to buy back the options a few days before expiry date, because the price of bank stocks increased a lot in the days before I closed this position. I closed this positions to not risk the options getting in the money again on a market correction.
  • 1x RD P26.00 20SEP19: profit €204,30

    This is a position I started in november 2018 when the price of Royal Dutch declined from around €30 to €26. Today the price is almost the same as when I sold this option in November a year ago.

    3 days before the expiry date I decided to buy back the options. The oil price increased a lot in the weekend before expiry as a result of the drone attacks on the Saudi oil installations.

    After closing this position I sold a new mid-term option on Royal Dutch. I did short 1 put contract RD P26.00 20MAR20 for €156.
The following 3 trades I rolled to October:
  • 3x AGN P4.20 20SEP19 rolled to 3x AGN P4.20 18OKT19:

    I bought back the 3 contracts for €35,45 after deduction of transaction costs. I sold the 3 AGN P4.20 18OKT19 contracts for €37,45 income also after transaction costs.

    Aegon closed friday at €3,86 so this series is almost 9% in the money and I don’t expect this position to expire worthless. Probably I will roll this position in October again, but I will probably roll it to a series with a longer expiration date with a lower strike price.
  • 10x AGN P4.00 20SEP19 to 10x AGN P4.00 18OKT19:

    I bought back the 1o options for €171,50 and opened the October position for €231,50. Current share price of Aegon is €3,86 so my target is to have a small price increase of almost 4% in October so this position will expire worthless.
  • 2x ING P10.00 20SEP19 to 2x ING P10.00 18OKT19

    I bought back the 2 options expiring in September for €62,30 and opened the October position for €86,3.

    Current price of ING is €9,73 so I target on having this position expire worthless in October.