Purchase of 6 shares Aena

Yesterday I bought 6 shares Aena at a price of €148,95. It’s the first of three purchases I will make this month. With this purchase I doubled my position in Aena, because I already owned 6 shares. With this purchase my average purchase price is declining from €162,15 to €155,93. Aena increased it’s dividend this year from €3,83 to €6,50. My yield on cost of this position is 4,17%.

With this purchase I add €39,00 to my estimated yearly dividend income. Aena is paying their dividend once a year in April.

Aena is active as airport operator of 46 airports and 2 helipads in Spain. Aena (BME:AENA) is also owning a 51% stake in London Luton Airport. The Spanish government has a 51% stake in Aena. I add more stocks of Aena to my portfolio to strongen the conservative part of my portfolio. I don’t expect very strong growth numbers, but Aena will add some steady dividend income.

Dividend Increase Aena +69,7%

Today Aena announced a dividend increase from €3,83 to €6,50 per share. This is an dividend increase of 69,7%.

I own 6 shares Aena so this dividend increase is resulting in an additional dividend income of €16,02. My estimated yield on cost is 4,01%.