Interim Dividend National Grid Increased by 3,0%

Today I received the interim dividend from National Grid and I noticed it was 3,0% higher than the interim dividend received last year.

National Grid increased their interim dividend from 16,08p to 16,57p.

Based on the most recent paid interim and final dividend the yearly dividend is 47,83p. This means the current yield of National Grid is 4,9%.

The yield on cost of my National Grid position is 5,4%.

Enbridge Increases Dividend By 9,8%

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Enbridge announced an increase of the quarterly dividend from C$0,738 to C$0,81. This is an increase of 9,8%.

I own 100 shares Enbridge so the dividend release will increases my yearly estimated dividend income by C$28,80.

The current yield of Enbridg is a nice 6,39%. As a result of the announced dividend increase my yield on cost is now 9,35%.

LVMH Interim Dividend 2019 up 10%

LVMH recently paid their interim dividend and I noticed the interim dividend was increased by 10% to €2,20 per share.

I own 4 shares LVMH so the increase of the interim dividend results for me in €0,80 extra dividend.

Based on the last 2 dividenpayments of LVMH the yearly dividend is now €6,20 which results in a current yield of 1,56%. This is basically around 50% of the earings per share so enough cashflow is staying within the company to afford the bid on Tiffany’s.

Based on my average purchase price my yield on cost is 2,96%.

I’m a big fan of this company although I don’t own any of the items produced by LVMH. Although we often celebrate the new year with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

5% Dividend Increase Brown-Forman

Last week Brown-Forman announced an increase of the quarterly dividend from $0,166 to $0,1743. This is an increase of 5,0%.

As a result of this dividend increase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $0,75.

My yield on cost based on the new dividend is 1,90%. The current yield of Brown-Forman is 0,99%.

Since starting my position in Brown-Forman in 2017 I received €52,21 in dividends.

It’s cool to receive growing dividend from this whisky producer (Jack Daniels) while I totally don’t like drinking whisky, but I like investing in this company owning strong spirit brands.