Dominion Energy Increases Dividend by 10%

This week Dominion Energy announced a 10% dividend increase. Dominion is increasing their quarterly dividend from $0,835 to $0,9175.

I own 30 shares of Dominion Energy. As a result of the dividend increase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with $9,90.

Due to the dividend increase my yield on cost based on the new dividend is 5,63%

Dividend Increase Coresite Realty

Today Coresite Realty announced a 6,8% increase of their quarterly dividend. As a result of the dividend per quarter will go up from $1,03 to $1,10 per quarter. I own 20 Coresite Realty shares. As a result my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with $5,60 per year.

My yield on cost will be 4,56% based on the new dividend.

McDonald’s Raises Quarterly Cash Dividend By 15%

Yesterday it was the M of Microsoft and today’s it’s the M of McDonalds if it’s about dividend increases. McDonalds announced a 15% dividend increase. The quarterly dividend is increased from $1.01 to $1.16.

I own 11 shares McDonalds so this dividend increase results in $6,60 in extra dividend income per year. My yield on cost is now 2,98%.

Microsoft increasing their quarterly dividend with 9,5%

This week Microsoft (MSFT) announced this week that the quarterly dividend is increased with 9,5% from $0,42 to $0,46 per share. Unfortunately Microsoft is only on my watchlist and not (yet) in my portfolio. Microsoft Corporation is a strong company with strong brands like Windows and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc) and also together with Amazon AWS, Microsoft is a leading player in cloud services.

Like I said Microsoft is just on my watchlist and I don’t own shares of them at the moment. This is mainly due to my preference to buy shares on a dip, when shares are closer to their 52 weeks low than to their 52 weeks high. Microsoft price is up almost 50% this year, performing much better than the market average.

Due to the price increase the yield is only 1,6% after this dividend increase.

Microsoft will stay high on my watchlist so I hope to add some shares when there is a market correction and else someday I will buy it probably against a current price level to add this Tech giant to my portfolio.