McDonald’s Raises Quarterly Cash Dividend By 15%

Yesterday it was the M of Microsoft and today’s it’s the M of McDonalds if it’s about dividend increases. McDonalds announced a 15% dividend increase. The quarterly dividend is increased from $1.01 to $1.16.

I own 11 shares McDonalds so this dividend increase results in $6,60 in extra dividend income per year. My yield on cost is now 2,98%.

Purchase 5 McDonalds & 12 AbbVie

My June purchase I did spread over 2 positions in my portfolio.

I bought 5 shares McDonalds bringing my total number of McDonalds shares to 11. Also I increased my position in AbbVie again. I added 12 shares and now own a total of 35 shares AbbVie. AbbVie is now one of my largest positions in my stock portfolio.

With these 2 purchases I increased my expected yearly dividend income with $66,28