First takeover: Tableau

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For the first time every I experienced having a stock in my portfolio which gets taken over by another company: Tableau.

Salesforce is offering 1.103 shares Salesforce for every share Tableau as part of an all-stock deal. Based on the closing price of both stocks on friday the bid represents a 42% premium.

I started a small position in both Tableau and Salesforce in March with the intention to increase the position on dips in the stockprice. Both companies where on my watchlist for a long time. I never catched a good dip in the stock price to start a position.

As I consider Both and Tableau quality companies with unique products I splitted my monthly purchase in March over these 2 companies. I iniated a small sized position with the intention to increase the position on dips.

I plan to keep my stocks Tableau until they get converted in Salesforce. So my minor position in Salesforce will grow to an average size position in my portfolio.

Both Tableau and are not paying any dividends so this takeover is not having any influence on my dividend income outlook.

End March I bought 6 shares Tableau at $134,20. At the time of writing this post the share price of Tableau is $168,64. This is a plus 25,7% in less than 3 months. As this is an all-stock bid the value of the bid will change based on the stock price development of Salesforce.