Purchase 30 shares Monmouth REIT

Today I purchased 30 shares Monmouth REIT at a price of $14,41. I now own 105 shares with. With this purchase my average purchase price declined from $16,23 to $15,71.

At the moment Monmouth is paying a yearly dividend of $0,68 per share. This purchase of 30 shares will increase my yearly estimated dividend income with $20,40.

Since starting a position in Monmouth I received €92,37 in dividends.

Purchase 650 shares Legal & General Group

Today I purchased 650 shares Legal & General Group against a price per share including transaction costs and stamp duty of GBP 2,21.

With this purchase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with GBP 108,88.

Legal & General Group will pay their interim dividend in September and next month I will recieve a first dividend payment from Legal & General contributing GBP 32,05 to my dividend income this year.

The expected yield on cost based on the current dividend is 7,57%.

Legal & General Group is active as asset manager and is also the UK’s largest provider of life assurance products. Legal & General is also leading the market in managing retirement risk for pension schemes in the UK and the USA.

Purchase 60 shares Colony Capital Pref H

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Recently I purchased 60 preferred shares Colony Capital H at a price of $22,48. Coupon of this preferred stock is 7,125%. As a result the yearly dividend paid on this shares is $1,78125.

At the current stock price of $22,48 this is giving me a yield of 7,92%.

The preferred H stocks are callable from 13 April 2020 so this is giving me a realistic chance that within 9 months this preferred stock will be redeemed against $25 which is over 11% above the current price.

With this purchase I add a quarterly dividend of $26,72 to my portfolio, but as a result of a possible redemption in April 2020 it’s possible that I will only enjoy the dividend payment for 3 quarters.

Purchase 10 shares AbbVie

Last week I bought 10 more shares of AbbVie at a price of $67,77. After AbbVie announced the purchase of Allergan, the stock price tanked as a result of the premium paid for the takeover.

I decided to add 10 more stocks AbbVie to my portfolio. As a result of this purchase I now own 45 shares AbbVie.

By making this purchase my average purchase price of AbbVie stocks declined from $82,84 to $79,50.

As a result of buying 10 more shares my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $42,80. Based on the new average purchase price the new yield on cost for me is 5,38%.

Purchase 180 shares Annaly Capital Management

This week I purchased 180 shares Annaly Capital Managment at a price of $9,33. The current quarterly dividend of Annaly Capital is $0,25 per share so my yield on cost is 10,7%.

As a result of the purchase of 180 shares Annaly Capital my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $180.

Annaly is relatively high risk addition to my portfolio. Annaly is a mortgage REIT and the current market with low interest rates is not favorable for mREIT companies.

Due to the marketconditions Annaly Capital reduced it’s quarterly dividend from $0,30 to $0,25. The current shareprice is basically around it’s 3 years low and I decided to start a small position in Annaly. I bought these shares knowing that the dividend can be cut again, but at the current price I’m willing to add Annally to my portfolio.

This is my 2nd purchase of a mortgage REIT this year. Earlier this year I started a position in AGNC Investment. These 2 mREIT’s are almost 3% of my total portfolio and as mREIT’s are relatively high risk, I don’t plan to increase my exposore to mREIT’s any further.

Purchase 80 shares Macerich

Today I purchased 80 shares Macerich at $41,11. Macerich is paying a quarterly dividend of $0,75 per share so as a result of this purchase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with $240.

My yield on cost based on a total dividend of $3 per year is 7,3%.

I had Macericht on my watchlist for a long time with as trigger to buy it if shares would go over 7%. Macerich is a REIT owning high quality shopping malls. The is down around a thrid since the 52 weeks high reached in the summer of 2018.

Purchase 1 share Givaudan

Yesterday I purchased 1 share of Givaudan against a price of CHF 2.610. With this purchase I’m adding CHF 60 to my yearly dividend income. In euro’s this is a yearly dividend of around €52,80. Based on the purchase price my yield on cost will be 2,30%.

Givaudan is a Swiss manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and active cosmetic ingredients which. Givaudan has a marketshare of approximately 25% in flavors and fragrances.

Due to the absolute high price of Givaudan shares I waited to buy this stock in April so besides my monthly deposit I could also use the dividend income from March and April to fund the purchase of this stock.

Purchase 26 shares Bayer

Today I purchased 26 shares Bayer against a price of €57,24 including costs. Bayer is down almost 50% to it’s 52 weeks high. Last month the stock price declined almost 20% after a U.S. jury found the Roundup weed killer to have been a substantial factor in a California man’s cancer.

I decided to start a position in Bayer to keep them for the long term and enjoy their divind of €2,80 per year. My yield on cost will be 4,89%. Bayer has many quality divisions, but the stock price is under big pressure due to legal issues regarding Roundup. Bayer acquired the Roundup brand as part of the merger with Monsanto.

My yearly estimated dividend income increased by €72,80 as a result of this purchase.