Top 10 stock positions September 2019

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This month the value of the top 10 positions in my portfolio increased by 5,0%. Bank of America dropped from my top 10 positions and Alibaba enterred the top 10 on spot #8.

ASML Holding did increase from 3rd to 2nd position passing Enbridge on my biggest holdings list.

Basically no special events, but everything did go together with the rest of the market.

#changeNameSectorValue (€)
1(-)Royal Dutch ShellEnergy4.864
2(+1)ASML HoldingTechnology3.255
6(+1)Macquarie InfrastructureIndustrials2.662
7(-1)DSMBasic Materials2.592
8(new)AlibabaConsumer Cyclical2.531
9(-1)GivaudanBasic Materials2.501
10(-1)UnileverConsumer Defensive2.451

Top 10 stock positions August 2019

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Last month there was not much change in the top 10 of my portfolio. The Value of the positions decreased as did most stocks in the market.

AbbVie lost 2 positions, because it declined a bit more than ASML and Facebook.

Bank of America enterred the number 10 position in my portfolio. It’s the first time I have a bank stock in the top 10 of my portfolio.

#changeNameSectorValue (€)
1(-)Royal Dutch ShellEnergy4.780
3(+1)ASML HoldingHealthcare2.873
7(-1)Macquarie InfrastructureBasic Materials2.516
8(-)GivaudanBasic Materials2.390
9(-)UnileverConsumer Defensive2.286
10(new)Bank of AmericaConsumer Cyclical2.276

Top 10 stock positions July 2019

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This month not much happened in the top 10 positions I hold in my portfolio. In general it was a good month for stocks. The S&P 500 changed this month +6,9%.

AbbVie increased from 10th biggest position to 3rd position. This is because I decided to purchase 10 shares AbbVie after the price dropped as a result of the takeover of Allergan.

Macerich dropped out of the top 10 and got replaced by Alibaba. Value of Macerich dropped 6% this month. It’s a funny coincidence that Macerich gets replaced by Alibaba, because prices of REIT stocks in underpressure because of eCommerce threats and Alibaba is one of the tech giants who are big in online retail.

The value of my Facebook position increased 11% and is this month in the top 10 the biggest value increase.

The Top 10:

#changeNameSectorValue (€)
1(-)Royal Dutch ShellEnergy5.368
4(-)ASML HoldingTechnology2.756
6(-3)Macquarie InfrastructureIndustrials2.633
7(+2)DSMBasic Materials2.500
8(-)GivaudanBasic Materials2.477
9(-2)UnileverConsumer Defensive2.410
10(new)Alibaba GroupConsumer Cyclical2.383

Top 10 stock positions June 2019

I decided to periodically check the developments in my stock portfolio by taking a look at my 10 largest positions in my stock portfolio.

The Top 10:

#changeNameSectorValue (€)
1(-)Royal Dutch ShellEnergy5.304
3(-)Macquarie InfrastructureIndustrials2.677
4(-)ASML HoldingTechnology2.607
5(-)MacerichReal Estate2.500
7(-)UnileverConsumer Defensive2.436
8(-)GivaudanBasic Materials2.432
9(-)DSMBasic Materials2.395


As this is the first time I publish the top 10 positions in my portfolio, I don’t have any interesting changes to report. Hopefully the next time I publish this top 10, the movents will give some insight in what happened in the period between this top 10 and the next top 10.

Before making this top 10, I didn’t know that Facebook is this big in my portfolio. I did build up my position by making 3 purchases. I started a small position a few years ago and bought more stocks on dips in the market. It one point Facebook was one of my biggest losing positions, but i’m now back in green figures again.

It’s funny that Facebook is this big in my portfolio. Personally I don’t like using Facebook at all. I don’t like the information I get from Facebook. I don’t trust information from Facebook. I don’t like all the disinformation I get on my timeline and I don’t like to see all the nonsense shared by Facebook friends. I get happy from finding long reads on SeekingAlpha, Yahoo Finance and The Motley Fool. Facebook, I don’t like, I don’t like, I don’t like…

I can also notice from my Top 10 that I’m probably over invested in Dutch companies. Royal Dutch Shell, ASML Holding, Unilever and DSM are Dutch companies from my top 10. On the otherhand it are also basically companies which are active all over the world. So it’s nice like i’m too much exposed to Dutch economy by having 4 Dutch companies in my top 10.

Next month I will publish a updated top 10 and see if there is something interesting to report from movements in my top 10.