Purchase 5 shares Johnson & Johnson

Today I bought 5 more shares of Johnson & Johnson at a price of $126,9. My total number of J&J shares is now 15. With this purchase my average cost of J&J is decreasing from $132,69 to $ 130,76. J&J is down almost 15% down from a 52 week high and moving at a 52 weeks low price so I decided to buy a few more shares.

The estimated yearly dividend of Johnson & Johnson is $3,36 so the purchase of 5 shares will increase my yearly estimated dividend income with $16,80.

The current yield of Johnson & Johnson is 2,65%.

March Dividend report

Monthly Report March:
This month I realized a dividend income of €185,21. This is a growth of 311%. Mainly due having Royal Dutch Shell and Unibail Rodamco as new positions compared to March last year. Also I own more shares Macquarie Infrastructure Company than in the same month of last year.

Dividend Income – €185,21:
– Macquarie Infrastructure Company €49,06
– Royal Dutch Shell €45,82
– Unibail-Rodamco €43,20
– Monmouth Real Estate €10,38
– EPR Properties €8,79
– Johnson & Johnson €6,78
– Boeing €5,55
– McDonalds €4,93
– Think AEX ETF €3,90
– Unilever €3,59
– Bank of America €3,21


– Purchase 200 shares WPG @ $6,21
– Purchase 8 shares Abbvie @ $95,85
– Sell 40 Eni S.p.a. shares @ €13,90

Dividend Changes:
– Aegon: half year dividend from €0,13 to €0,14 (+7,7%). +€2,40 in yearly dividends.
– ASML: yearly dividend increased from €1,20 to €1,40 (+16,7%). +€1,20 in yearly dividends
– Brown-Forman: Special dividend of $1,00.

2018 Target Status:
I’m at €5.700 out of €18.000 deposit target (31,6%)
I’m at €314,16 out of €2.200 dividend received target (14,3%)
I’m at €400 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayments (8,0%)

Purchase 8 shares AbbVie

This week I purchased 8 additional shares AbbVie at a price of $95,85. This brings my total position in AbbVie on 23 shares. With this purchase my yearly estimated dividend income increased with $7,96.

AbbVie is down 23% from the high course of $123,21 reached at the end of January. This is mainly due to Abbvie backing away from pursuing accelerated approval for Rova-T after disappointing mid-stage data in third-line lung cancer. As I didn’t want to put my full monthly deposit in the speculative purchase of Washington Prime Group, I decided to also buy a few additional shares of AbbVie now the share price is down a bit.

Current yield of AbbVie based on a quarterly dividend of $0,96 is 4,0%.

Purchase 200 shares Washington Prime Group

Today I bought 200 shares of Washington Prime Group at a price of $6,21 per share. It’s a more speculative purchase.

Washington Prime Group is a REIT which invests in shopping centers and is a spinoff from Simon Property Group. Washington Prime Group is disfavored in the market at the moment due to amazon fears. Washington Prime Group is aggressively working on the traffic in the malls they own by converting them to local dominant shopping centers by attracting entertainment and foot tenants. They try to increase the traffic by offering a combined shopping and leisure experience.

Washington Prime Group has a dividend of $1,00 per share per year at the moment. This results in a dividend yield of 16,1%. This insane yield is a clear warning sign that the market is expecting a dividend cut. I picked up a few shares as a speculative investment. Washington Prime Group is after reaching a 52 weeks high $9,58 in July down 35% to $6,21.

For me it feels like the market did overreact to this REIT, but I know that in investing feeling is not always the best advisor. Nevertheless I added 200 shares to my portfolio which at the current quarterly dividend of $0,25 brings in an estimated yearly dividend income of $200.

17% Dividend Increase ASML

Recently ASML proposed a dividend increase from €1,20 to €1,40. The dividend still needs to be approved by the shareholders. The proposed 2017 dividend is 17% higher than previous years dividend.

As I own 6 shares ASML my estimated yearly dividend income will increase with €1,20.

Dividend increase Aegon

In February Aegon announced an increase of their half year dividend from €0,13 to €0,14. This is a dividend raise of 7,7%. As a result the full year dividend will be €0,28 with a dividend yield of 5,0%.

I own 120 Aegon shares. As a result of this dividend increase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with €2,40.

Brown-Forman declares $1.00 dividend

Brown-Forman (NYSE:BF.B) declares $1.00/share special dividend. I own 25 shares Brown-Forman so this means an extra dividend income of $25. The long term full year income doesn’t change because this is a one time dividend.

The dividend is payable 23 April and the stock will go ex-dividend on March the 30th.

Dividend report February 2018

In February I received €86,53 in dividends:

AbbVie €8,51
Apple €5,03
EPR Properties €8,63
Iberdrola €12,08
Omega Healthcare €27,95
Royal Bank of Canada €5,85
Simon Property Group €12,79
Verizon €5,68

I’m at €300 out of €5.000 extra mortgage repayment above the regular repayment (6,0%)
I’m at €4.200 out of €18.000 deposits in my stock account (23,3%)
I’m at €128,96 out of €2.200 dividend received (5,9%)

Buy 8 Unibail-Rodamco
Buy 21 Macquarie Infrastructure Company
Buy 35 Wereldhave
Sell 11 Think Global Real Estate UCITS ETF
Sell 15 Think Morningstar High Dividend UCITS ETF
Buy 10 Unilever
Sell 30 Elior
Buy 3 l’Oreal
Sell 20 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF
Buy 10 Royal Bank of Canada

I have a bit too many positions in my portfolio which are relatively small, because when I started investing I often bought 2 or 3 different companies a month to spread my money. This month I closed some relatively small positions and invested the money back in some medium sized positions.

Dividend Increase Aena +69,7%

Today Aena announced a dividend increase from €3,83 to €6,50 per share. This is an dividend increase of 69,7%.

I own 6 shares Aena so this dividend increase is resulting in an additional dividend income of €16,02. My estimated yield on cost is 4,01%.