Coresite increases dividend from $1,10 to $1,22 per quarter

Coresite Realty announced an increase of their quarterly dividend from $1,10 to $1,22. This is an increase of 10,9%.

I own 20 shares Coresite Realty so my yearly estimated dividend income will increase by $8,65.

As a result of the increased dividend my yield on cost will be 5,06%.

April 2019 Dividend Report

Monthly Report April:

April was a record breaking month for me. I received €668,13 in dividends. This is an YoY increase of 133%. This month I broke the record I set in March with almost €250! Next month I will break this record again, because more yearly dividends are scheduled for payout in May. After May I have to wait till next year to set a new dividend income record.

This month I received payments from 18 companies. Biggest payers this month are Nordea Bank, Fortum and Aena. Basically yearly dividends from European countries made the majority of my dividend income this month.

Besides the €668,13 I received as dividend income, I also realized an extra income of €85,35 from expired or closed written put options.

Dividend Income – €668,13:

Nordea Bank151,80
Altria Group24,32
Novo Nordisk20,73
Colony Capital PREF I19,79
Colony Capital PREF H19,73
Coresite Realty19,49
Bank of Nova Scotia18,53
AGNC Investment14,53
Coca Cola13,91
National General Holdings PREF O12,04
EPR Properties10,31
Brown-Forman B3,70

Option Income – €85,35:

  • 1x ING P10.50 18APR19 – €25,30
  • 2x AGN P4.50 18APR19 – €13,45
  • 2x ING P9.50 21JUN19 – €46,60


Dividend Changes:

2019 Target Status:

  • I’m at €5.000 out of €14.400 deposit target (37,7%)
  • I’m at €1355,26 out of €3.500 dividend received target (38,7%)
  • I’m at €230,70 income from writing options

Purchase 80 shares Macerich

Today I purchased 80 shares Macerich at $41,11. Macerich is paying a quarterly dividend of $0,75 per share so as a result of this purchase my yearly estimated dividend income will increase with $240.

My yield on cost based on a total dividend of $3 per year is 7,3%.

I had Macericht on my watchlist for a long time with as trigger to buy it if shares would go over 7%. Macerich is a REIT owning high quality shopping malls. The is down around a thrid since the 52 weeks high reached in the summer of 2018.

AGNC decreases monthly dividend with 2 cents

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is agnc-investment-corp-logo.png

AGNC Investment Corp announced this week a decrease of their monthly dividend from 18 cents to 16 cents. As a result of this dividend decrease my yearly estimated dividend income from AGNC will drop $16,51 per year.

After the dividend reduction was announced the stock price declined a few percent and I decided to make a small purchase of 14 more shares to keep my dividend income from AGNC on the same level as before.

Stock price is now very close to NAV, but there is still possible price pressure due to the current market development of interest rates. The lack of spread between long and short interest rates makes it that the stock price of mREIT’s is under pressure.

Purchase 1 share Givaudan

Yesterday I purchased 1 share of Givaudan against a price of CHF 2.610. With this purchase I’m adding CHF 60 to my yearly dividend income. In euro’s this is a yearly dividend of around €52,80. Based on the purchase price my yield on cost will be 2,30%.

Givaudan is a Swiss manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and active cosmetic ingredients which. Givaudan has a marketshare of approximately 25% in flavors and fragrances.

Due to the absolute high price of Givaudan shares I waited to buy this stock in April so besides my monthly deposit I could also use the dividend income from March and April to fund the purchase of this stock.